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Member Solicitation

All members should support the safe haven culture within the ESG Business Institute that encourages the open sharing of ideas and perspectives. Although you may post information and opportunities within groups and networks, you may not directly solicit from the individual ESG Business Institute members unless those members specifically request the information. This includes charitable and political causes, however worthy, as well as business dealings. Members who choose to participate understand their responsibilities and the potential risks, issues, and limitations involved in this exchange.

The ESG Business Institute does not create nor develop information on its networks and groups and only passively displays information. This also means that the institute does not provide an analysis of the propriety of the information, the suitability or performance of any opportunities presented, or the reputation or acumen of the members involved. Careful diligence is highly advised.

Code of Conduct

ESG Business Institute is a global community of peers dedicated to elevating the ESG profession to drive impact and transformation through lifelong learning and idea exchange. All members are required to accept the EBI Code of Conduct in compliance with the ESG Business Institute Policies and Procedures. This code of conduct applies to every member. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members within the ESG Business Institute community.

Code of Conduct — In Simple Words

  • Act with integrity and uphold your reputation and that of the ESG Business Institute.
  • Always respect member confidentiality.
  • Strive to respond to members within 24 hours.
  • Do not solicit members unless invited to do so.

If you have witnessed a violation of the EBI Code of Conduct, including the misrepresentation of a member's qualifications, please report it here.

Cancellation Policy

Event Cancellations

Cancellations are specific to each event and cancellation penalties are strictly enforced. All cancellations or modifications may be made by using your registration confirmation link to change or cancel your registration online

A cancellation made before the event date in accordance with the requirements is refundable less the processing fee. If the cancellation is made after the event date, there will be no refund. The cancellation dates are based on the time zone where the event will be held.

Exceptions to Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

When you register for an event, the ESG Business Institute incurs costs to accommodate your participation and depends on the corresponding revenue from your registration. As a result, the institute only grants exceptions to the event cancellation and refund policy (specific to each event) in the following four circumstances:

  • If there is a death in your immediate family.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of your registration date and time.
  • If a waitlist exists and the ESG Business Institute can sell your registration to someone based on the order of the waitlist, in which case only a processing fee will be deducted from the refund.
  • In the absence of a waitlist, you can sell or transfer your registration to another member in good standing, in which case you are responsible for notifying the ESG Business Institute of the transfer via email to admin@esg-bi.org. The institute’s secretariat will then cancel your registration from the event and register and transfer any monies you paid (excluding vouchers applied) to the replacement member’s registration and the latter will be notified of any remaining balance due. The replacement member’s registration will not be confirmed until the balance due, if any, is paid in full. Once a registered member cancels their registration from an event, the space cannot be sold/transferred

Unless you meet the express terms of one of the four exceptions above, there will be no additional exceptions to the event cancellation and refund policy. For example, there will be no refund issued or credit given if you cancel your registration for one event and seek to apply the registration fees for another event. That is considered a full cancellation and subject to this policy.

Cancellations caused by the impacts of COVID-19, or any other illness or travel restriction are subject to provisions of this policy. There are no exceptions for limitations caused by COVID-19, including, but not limited to, governmental limitations on travel, restrictions on gatherings, personal or family illness, mandatory quarantines, or failure to meet an event safety protocol such as negative testing, wearing of face masks or vaccination.

Cancellation policies and penalties are strictly enforced. The ESG Business Institute highly encourages all registrants to purchase trip cancellation insurance. All cancellations or changes to your registration may be made online by using your registration confirmation link. For questions, please contact admin@esg-bi.org.